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Extended Resource Centre Hour to 7:00PM every Thursdays!

"Chill Thursdays" is an SVYC youth project that aims to bring about a safe and fun environment for young people aged 12 to 24 to engage socially.  Youth can come in and hang out with their friends (or meet new ones). Activities involved are varied as it depends on the youth's interests. They could chat or play boardgames, use the internet or play foosball.

Our youth workers are readily available to engage with them and to assist them anytime.  Chill Thursdays runs every Thursday starting at 5pm and open late until 7pm, individualized food items are available for dinner for all youth. 

With on-going COVID restrictions, we understand that some youth struggle to engage on a virtual platform. Therefore we aim to continue offering Chill Thursdays as an in-person group (with masks, 2-meter distancing, and sanitizing protocols in place) to ensure no youth feels isolated. 

Hope to see you on Thursday!

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