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Camping on the Beach

Milieu provides Transition to Adult services and offers creative and flexible support services to youth in the Vancouver area.


Using one-to-one outreach services and groups, youth workers help youth achieve their goals, learn new skills and become more self-reliant. Youth may be living at home, in foster or group care, or independently on a youth agreement. The type of support depends on their home situation and individual needs. Youth are encouraged to identify goals that focus on learning skills associated with independent living, self-sufficiency, and adult responsibilities.


As part of person centered planning we help facilitate a successful transition from our program to the next phase in the youth’s life. Transition planning includes documenting goals achieved / worked on, support strategies used, recommendations for continued success, and ideas for possible ongoing support. This is a collaborative process between the youth served and their support network.

Services are generally provided for six months but can continue up to one year. Youth must be referred by MCFD.

Our Youth Transition Services also offer FREE drop-in group activity programs for youth ages 12-19. Click below for more information.

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